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I am an immigrant, refugee and a citizen by choice. running for Illinois State house from 13th district.
I am an immigrant, refugee and a citizen by choice. I moved to Chicago, the Birth Place of the American Dream, and started my life journey and career at Harry S Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago.
I graduated with a masters degree in Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University. Also, I received my EDS degree (ABD equivalent for higher education leadership doctorate program) from National Louis University.
I am a father, grandfather, and a teacher. We can reclaim our state, our city, and our old title, the Birth Place of the American Dream.
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-------A recent study, States with the Highest & Lowest Tax Rates, conducted by WalletHub, concludes that taxpayers in Illinois pay up to three times more than other low-cost states. According to this research, ILLINOIS HAS THE HIGHEST TOTAL STATE AND LOCAL TAX RATES ON A MEDIAN U.S. HOUSEHOLD, AT 15.1%. Out-of-control tax hikes, statewide and local, is one of the main cause for the large exodus from our state. Chicagos eight pension funds have accumulated nearly $45 billion in debt, more debt than 44 U.S. states. Local governments across Illinois have pension debt worth $63 billion which causes property taxes to rise each year. We need and deserve better policy and planning to overcome these nonstop and nonsense tax hikes.
Illinois Policy Institute published an article by Bryce Hill on Aprill 11, 2022 that explains the effective state and local tax burden in Illinois as clear as possible."

Click here to read the article


-------The rise of violent crime in our largest city, Chicago, is getting out of hand, while our politicians are more talk and less action.
Chicago Sun Times

As many statistics show, Chicago has seen about 36 percent increase in crime since 2021. Our city, with a history of high gun violence, suffered other crimes like burglaries, thefts and car jackings rise over the past year. Once one of the busiest turist attractions in the nation, now suffering from crime and chaos that keeps turists away and causing one of the largest exedus in the nation. Chicago Crime Map


-------We need to implement and expand the school choice policy across the state. It will benefit our students and parents in general and specifically those of low-income communities. It is time to take the power out of legislators hands and put it back into the hands of parents and students - where it should have been all along. Doing anything less is immoral and unfair.

Here are 10 reasons school choice is the best option

lifting the charter school cap, creating an environment where online and blended learning can thrive, and supporting choice programs - such as vouchers, tax-credit scholarships and education savings accounts - that allow students in Chicagos lowest performing-performing elementary schools and high schools to attend schools that better fit their learning styles and are more responsive to their needs. - Read More

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